• HistoryNCC History

    Ever growing, just like its historical surroundings; Neighborhood Commons Cooperative was built in 1978. Originally as a Section 236 Complex, over the years of dedication from its members and community involvment NCC has evolved into a Cooperative in 1996, and is currently a moderate income property.

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  • NewsNCC News

    The Board of Directors of Neighborhood Commons Cooperative is pleased to announce that at the May 14th, 2014 the Board convened to elect the Cooperative Officers. The board is made up of elected members who exemplify the principles and practice of NCC membership.

    The officers are as follows…

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  • CommunityNCC Community

    Equidistant to world-class shopping, dining and entertainment options in every corner of our neighborhood, NCC (Neighborhood Commons Cooperative) is the perfect community for residents to raise a family. Furthermore, a destination point in Lincoln Park vibrant community which embodies the name and meaning of Chicago's moniker: 'City on the Lake'.

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